The Dwarf Jockey

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Meet Jeffrey – a drunken, stilt-wearing swearing dwarf who loves moonshine, fighting and horse racing.  In this issue, Jeffrey convinces Josh that his tumorous horse can win the Arlington Million.  So, Josh convinces Justin who then convinces Carl that the horse is a unicorn so Carl will put up the smoothie shop as collateral to enter Jeffrey into the big race.  Yeah, I know, plots are tough – but this one is fucking hilarious.  And even though Jeffrey is a timeless character, I’m not sure if we’ll be seeing him in any future issues.

The Dwarf Jockey

Crass Sophisticate 27 Photo

Hooray for Little People

  1. […] said all this shit in The Dwarf Jockey, so I won’t bore you- I’ll cut to the chase.  If you ever wanted to know what it would […]

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