“Every Drunk Has a Journey” page 06 of 35

Posted: November 20, 2014 by Crass Sophisticate in Comic Book Issues
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  1. Madhav says:

    I agree with you and I’m relieved to read this, I thguoht I was the only one. Sometimes it’s hard to explain, I mean, I think when host parents picture the ideal au pair, in general they picture her as someone who giggles all the time, makes funny faces and noises and is a sort of clown-sitter who loves their children. That’s not who I am and it is certainly making me think twice about being an au pair. What I know is that I care about children, and I’m more worried if they get hurt than if they are giggling all the time, I’m certainly not a downer, I also like playing games and having fun with them, teach them stuff. And yes, my reasons to become an au pair are also about the language and cultural experience rather than childcare experience.I guess it’s hard to find host parents who get that.

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